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What are the admission requirements?

We are looking for students with strong quantitative abilities and a desire to help businesses with their data-driven decisions.

Will I get in?

Each admissions decision is based on many factors: undergraduate coursework, quantitative aptitude, undergraduate GPA, work experience, references, test scores, and a personal interview.

What is the application deadline?

All students start the full-time MSBA program in the fall, so the application review process begins in February of the same calendar year. We begin extending offers in March.
International students:  The application deadline is February 1st of the calendar year in which you wish to enroll.
U.S. citizens and permanent residents: Applications are accepted after February 1 and receive full consideration until the class is filled.

Can I apply online?

Yes. Apply directly through the University’s Graduate Admissions Office.

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Do I need a specific undergraduate degree to apply?

We do not require a specific undergraduate degree. The most successful students are those who have a strong technical aptitude and have taken quantitative courses in their undergraduate program of study, such as math, statistics, and calculus.

Is prior work experience required?

We highly encourage professional work experience (paid position, internship, and/or co-operative learning) prior to entering our business analytics program.

Can I transfer graduate credits earned at other schools?

Due to the lock-step nature of our program, transfer credits are not accepted.

Is an interview required?

Yes. This is an opportunity for you to discuss your candidacy and differentiate yourself from the other applicants. We encourage you to use this time to make sure our program is a good fit for you.

Can I interview over the phone?

We prefer to meet you in person, and ask that you make every attempt to schedule a campus visit. If this is not possible, we can arrange a phone interview.

Is there a minimum GPA requirement for Business Analytics applicants?

All domestic applicants to the University of Tennessee must have a minimum overall undergraduate GPA of 2.70 (4.0 scale). Due to the highly specialized nature of this program, anything below a 3.0 will typically not be considered.

What is the average GPA of the UTK Business Analytics class?

Our average GPA varies with each incoming class. It typically averages 3.4 (4.0 scale).

If my undergraduate institution does not use the 4.0 scale, how can I determine if my GPA meets the minimum requirement?

Call The Office of Graduate Studies at 865-974-3251 to request that your current GPA be converted to a 4.0 scale. A copy of your transcript may be required to perform this calculation.

Do I need to take the GRE or GMAT?

Yes. Either the GRE or the GMAT is required for all applicants regardless of previous experience. No preference is given to either test.

What is the minimum score allowed for acceptance into the Business Analytics program?

We do not have a minimum score requirement for the GRE or GMAT; however, students best-suited for our program typically perform well above average on the quantitative portion.

Do you take international students?

We encourage international students to apply; in fact, 15 percent of the MSBA class is international. Please note that international candidates must apply by Feb. 1.

Do I need to take the TOEFL/IELTS?

The TOEFL or IELTS is required if your native language is not English and you do not have a degree from a U.S. college/university dated less than two years prior to entering the Business Analytics Program.

What is the TOEFL/IELTS requirement for international students?

The Business Analytics program requires a score of 100ibt (250cbt and 600 paper test) or higher on the TOEFL. A score of 7.5 or higher is required for the IELTS.

How long is the TOEFL/IELTS score valid?

The TOEFL and IELTS scores are valid for two years.

Are there other requirements or guidelines for international students?

Yes. The university’s graduate admissions office has an international student admission guide.

View International Admissions Guide

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