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Business Analytics Recruiting

We are here to help you with your recruiting needs.  While there is a shortage of talented analysts on the job market, the UT Department of Business Analytics & Statistics generates a talent pool of highly qualified professionals. 

How do we hire a student?

We want to help you find the right student for your Business Analytics jobs. The process varies for Bachelor’s and Master’s students.

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What skills set them apart?

The curriculum creates business analytics students who can not only perform complex data analytics but also focus on key business objectives.

Are students available now?

Students are available for full time work every semester and for internships in the summer.

What value can an intern provide?

“These students come into our program with a lot of skills and knowledge of tools that we need to help clients with right out of the gate,” - Amber Morgan, EY

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Are there other opportunities to work with students and faculty?

Yes. There are many different ways the Business Analytics & Statistics Department can help your business.

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