Ready for your future in Business Analytics?

Why Choose the MSBA Program at the Haslam College of Business?

Students in the Master’s in Business Analytics program at the Haslam College of Business encounter a blend of academic elements, including:

  • Intense study of descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics
  • Soft skills training
  • Real-world experience

Our professors are more than just teachers—they’re mentors, offering valuable advice and encouragement along the way. Students build an arsenal of abilities, from written communication to teamwork and presentation skills.

Most importantly, Haslam MSBA students learn to synthesize and clearly communicate their analytic findings to effectively impact organizational decision-making.

Because they gain such a valuable combination of assets, Haslam MSBA graduates consistently receive top-tier job offers in the analytics field.

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Average Starting Salary

Haslam MSBA graduates consistently earn more, with an average starting salary that’s 23 percent higher than the national average for an MSBA graduate.

Job Offers

Consistently, Haslam MSBA students receive job offers prior to graduation. Every graduate has attained an analytics-specific job within three months of completing the program.

Real-World Experiences

Concrete, real-world experiences are a hallmark of the Haslam MSBA program. Every student completes a summer internship and participates in a capstone experience, using analytics to solve a real problem in a real company..