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Dick Stevens

Lecturer | (865) 368-1214 | Stokely Management Center, Office #337

Dick joined the faculty in 2011 following nearly 40 years in industry. As lecturer and career development director, his primary goal is to help the students' transition from academia to the business world. He teaches two classes — a communications class in the students' first semester that concentrates on interpersonal communication skills and the Capstone Class in their last semester where students work in consulting teams on real life problems with major corporations.

As career development director, Dick works closely with each student from the time they enter the program until they graduate, with the goal of helping them receive multiple job offers at high salaries from the companies of their choice. His responsibilities include preparing students for their job search; working with hiring companies, and coaching students through their final company decision.

Dick received his undergraduate degree from the UT College of Business Administration and his MBA from University of Chicago. He has held executive level positions with Quaker Oats Company, Time Warner and Whittle Communications, and later founded a sales and marketing consulting company, Winchester Group.


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