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Dr. Hamparsum Bozdogan

Toby & Brenda McKenzie
Professor in Business | (865) 974-1635 | Stokely Management Center, Office #231


A mathematician, a physicist, and a statistician go out on a duck hunt. They have only one gun. They come across some ducks, and the mathematician quickly calculates the distance, the velocity, the angle, etc. and shoots. Well, he misses by a foot to the LEFT!

They come across ducks again, and this time the physicist takes the gun. After calculating all the angles, flight paths, velocities, etc. the physicist also takes into consideration the gravity, air friction, and such things... and fires! Well, he misses by a foot to the RIGHT!

Now the time comes for a statistician, after trying, the statistician jumps up and down, yelling, "We got'em! We got'em!"

Research Specialties and Interests

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