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Wei Zheng

Associate Professor | Stokely Management Center

Wei Zheng is currently an Associate Professor at the Department of Business Analytics and Statistics (BAS), Haslam College of Business (HCB), the University of Tennessee Knoxville (UTK). He was an Assistant Professor in Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis before joining UTK. He received his Ph.D. degree from University of Illinois at Chicago. He has a B. S. degree from Zhejiang University.

Zheng’s main research interest is optimal design of experiment, which is to study the most cost effective way of conducting experiments with the purpose of maximizing the information of the data to be collected. His early work on crossover designs and related studies mostly appear on top journals in statistics such as Annals of Statistics and Journal of the American Statistical Association. Recently, he is extending his research interest to the interface between design and computing in two ways. The obvious one is to develop fast algorithms to derive optimal or efficient designs. The other one is the opposite: use the design idea to improve on computational performance of the methods in both statistics and machine learnings. He also has the particular interest in new design problems inspired by real applications and welcome any form of colloboration towards this mission.

His research is supported by NSF grant DMS-1612978. He currently serve as an associate editor of Metrika.


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