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Stat 201 Help Page


Instructors for Fall 2014:

Charlie Cwiek
Sumin Han
Haileab Hilafu Missy Morris
Anna Romanova Brian Steven

Stat Lab is located at the back of Commons North in Hodges Library. Although we encourage you to make use of your instructor's office hours, Stat Lab is a place you can go to ask questions about the course material. It is staffed by 201 TAs and/or by 201 instructors during hours of operation. As exams and project due dates approach, we will staff Stat Lab with more TAs and Instructors in an effort to handle the increased number of customers. If you have questions about MyLab/Mastering or JMP software, we encourage you to bring your laptop with you (although this is not a requirement).

Stat Lab will open for Fall 2014 semester approximately September 3, 2014. Check back later for more details.

Hours of operation:
Monday - Thursday 9:40am-5:00pm
Friday 9:40am - 2:00pm

Stat Lab Policies:

  1. A time limit per student will be determined by the instructor.
  2. Lab is for answering specific questions, NOT for lecturing.


TI calculators (or scientific calculators in general) will not be required for Stat 201. However, if you have a TI calculator, you may find the following useful.

Summary Statistics:

TI82 TI83 TI85 TI86


TI82 TI83 TI85 TI86


Some of the links below require that you have Java installed on your computer. Go to for this free software.

The Central Limit Theorem
Confidence Intervals
Hypothesis Test
Normal Distribution
Random Number Generator
T Distribution
Chi-Square Distribution
Misc. Statistical Calculators
Degrees of Freedom Calculator for 2-Sample t-Test

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